Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to your PLN!

Personal Learning Networks
As you may have noticed, the world we live in is changing!  Because of this the way we learn is changing.  One of the things that will greatly enhance your ability to learn new things in the 21st Century is your Personal Learning Network, PLN.  If you've never heard of a PLN, check out the link below.  This is a great introduction to PLNs!

Your PLN Made Easy

RSS Feeds
Even though there is limitless information online these days, you don't have to spend hours finding it.  Let the information come to you instead!  Instead of searching for the things that are interesting to you, set up an RSS reader and subscribe to RSS feeds.  If you are new to RSS, check out the explanation at the link below!

How to Set up an RSS reader (and how RSS can supercharge your life, save you time, and how to get started)

Social Bookmarking
Now that you have all this wonderful information, you need a way to keep it organized so you can do something with it.  Using a bookmarking site such as or diigo allows you to store and tag sites with key words so that you can look at them later.  In addition, you can search by tags to see what sites other people have already found for that topic, thus saving you more time!  For more information see the link below.

7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking 

Another way to let information come to you and sharing it with others is to get on a site like  If you are unfamiliar with a site like twitter, you may not realize how helpful it can be.  The resources below are a wonderful starting point for how and why you will use twitter.

100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter 
An Educators Guide to Twitter